LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital
Practical Nurse / Patient Care Agent

Title: Practical Nurse / Patient Care Agent
Department: MSU
Date Posted: Friday, July 5, 2019
Date Revised: September 9, 2019
Work Schedule: Shift rotation basis (12 hours) (42 hours per week). Overtime as required.

Practical Nurse or Patient Care Agent performs nursing acts, functions, or tasks under the delegation and supervision of the Registered Nurse.
DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES (including but not limited to)
 Respect the hospital mission, vision, and values.  Participate in unit meetings.  Report of unusual incidents and complaints to superior.  Assist in preparation inventories. Clinical  Participate in the reception and orientation of patient to room environment.  Set up patient room and answers call light.  Take & record vital signs: blood pressure, respirations, temperature, pulse rate, & pulse oximeter if indicated, obtaining weight and height.  Perform EKG and attaches patient to cardiac monitoring whenever appropriate.  Perform chest compressions / ventilation (Ambubag) in life support situations.  Assist patient with using an incentive spirometer and Setting up O2.  Collect specimens (Stools and urine) and measure & record PO intake and output (Urine, drains, and NGT).  Collect urine (freely voided) and stools culture.  Perform activity of daily livings: total or partial bed bath, perineal care, shaving, hair care, mouth care, and dressing, makes occupied bed and unoccupied bed.  Deliver / remove meal trays and feeding patient.  Obtain a capillary blood sample for Glucose testing as required.  Prepare skin for procedures and applying anti-embolism stockings.  Assist in ambulating patient, turning & repositioning patient, and perform / assist with transportation.  Remove a peripheral intravenous catheter, a Nasogastric Tube, and a Foley Catheter as ordered.  Assist the patient with the use of a Bedpan / Urinal, applies an external Condom Catheter, and administers a cleansing Enema  Change a Stoma appliance on an Ileal Conduit (Urinary elimination) / an Ostomy appliance (Bowel elimination) and changes / Empty Stoma & Ostomy bag.  Obtain necessary supplies for sterile procedure.  Assist Registered Nurse / physician with some procedures.  Obtain and delivers blood products to the unit.  Prepare patient for discharge.  Perform postmortem care.  Decontaminate and disinfect instruments and equipment in use and stored equipment.  Clean environment (Patient room in his / her presence).  Manage soiled / clean linen carts and cleans supply carts & food & medication refrigerators  Deliver and receive papers from / to the unit.  Check laboratory specimens for appropriate labeling and delivering specimens to clinical laboratory.  Obtain and deliver supplies / equipment and stocking unit supplies, utility rooms, kitchen supplies, linen cart.  Report of any changes on patient’s conditions to superior.  Perform related work as assigned.  Adhere to all facility policies and procedures as assigned.  Perform routine nursing care to assigned patients, while utilizing universal precaution practices at all times.  Maintain safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.  Aware of safety issues and strives to accomplish all responsibilities in a safe manner. Teaching  Support and mentor junior colleagues or nursing students as assigned (preceptor). Continuous Professional Development  Attend in-service training required by the hospital.  Maintain CPR according to the Resuscitative Training policy.
 Current practical Nurse Certificate is preferred.  A minimum of one year of clinical experience is preferred.
 Ability to communicate effectively with patients, families, and visitors.  Team worker.

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