LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital
Billing Controller

Title: Billing Controller
Category: Service
Department: Billing
Date Posted: Thursday, August 1, 2019
Date Revised: September 9, 2019
Work Schedule: Regular schedule (42.5 hours / week). Overtime as required.

The person handling this position is responsible to control and report billing errors and ensure correcting, completing, and processing all payers claims. She / He is also required to generate computer reports in accordance with established procedures and ensure the completeness and consistency of inpatient billing by controlling invoices of patients on daily basis.
DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES (including but not limited to)
* Implement the department’s policies, procedures, protocols and work instructions. * Review patient bills to provide a complete and reliable verification of bill accuracy. * Analyze charge systems for completeness and accuracy and identify trends/problems. * Daily review of all postings before claim submission to TPP in order to assure accuracy of billing for all services rendered and invoiced based on doctor’s orders. * Control patient share if needed and assure correct allocations, distribution in accordance with the established protocol. * Ensure complete review of any hospital bill to monitor and address all potential errors; including coding, code upgrading, fee schedule non-compliance, excessive billing, and fraud. * Daily audit of OR journals of to determine if services billed as Medical Acts and operations were coded correctly and documented adequately. * Ensure that services posted correctly as per TPP “Third Party Payer” admission requirements and the bills are charged according to the insurance approval using “Billing Audit checklist”. * Ensure completion of documentation and coding on charges entered in patient’s accounts for a correct and complete billing claim. * Ensure that irregular financial postings are documented and supported by Authorized managerial signature. * Identify compliance risk areas and assist with the development and implementation of policies and corrective action plans where indicated to maintain and strengthen internal controls. * Assess the level and accuracy of coding, determine that governmental and third party payer regulations are being complied with; and evaluate appropriateness of billing and coding procedures. * Review Billing coding and pricing (Third Party Compliance) in accordance with companies’ tariffs and agreement. * Assist in response to billing audit requests from outside the department (e.g., Internal audit, others). * Support month-end close process and ensure that closing of day posted for each month is no later than the 5th of the consequent month. * Report audit findings monthly to unit manager and make appropriate recommendations to improve procedures strengthen controls and enhance revenues. * Follow and ensure strict safety procedures. * Respect and adhere to the mission, vision, and values of LAUMC-RH. * Initiate actions to predict the occurrence of non-conformity in materials and services. * Put corrective and preventive actions in place and follow through the process. * Perform other duties pertinent to this job as appropriate or as required.
* B.S in Business, Accounting or equivalent from an accredited University. * Understanding of accounting and auditing standards (IAS, GAAP, ISA, GAAS, etc.). * Minimum of 7 years work experience in similar field. * Good verbal and written English skills. French is a plus. * Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office in filing and processing of data. * Strong knowledge of arithmetic to be able to perform simple calculations. * Strong ability to process data and provide accurate report to management.
* Good analytical reasoning skills for solving problems. * Possess good knowledge of medical insurance practice. * Possess strong administrative skills for effective coordination of the billing unit. * Well organized and detail-oriented. Excellent time management skills. * Ability to handle highly confidential and proprietary information. * Ability to work in a team environment. Strong interpersonal skills. * Ability to multi-task, work under pressure.

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