LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital

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The hospital’s main phone number is +961 1 200800

Name Department Specialty Phone Extension E-mail Address
Dr. Abdallah Chawki Medicine Cardiology N/A
Dr. Abdel Nour John Surgery Orthopedics 5421
Dr. Abi Aad Fouad Surgery General Surgery 5412
Dr. Abi Gerges Dany Medicine Hematology / Oncology 6422
Dr. Abi Nader Elie Anesthesia Anesthesia 5226
Dr. Abi Nader Khalil Ob-Gyn Ob-Gyn 5511
Dr. Abi Raad Vanda Anesthesia Anesthesia 5151
Dr. Abi Raad Georges Surgery Orthopedics 5421
Dr. Abi Younes Jean Surgery Cardio Thoracic 5339
Dr. Abillama Fayez Medicine Intensive Care Medicine 6450
Dr. Abou Jaoude Claude Anesthesia Cardiac Anesthesia 5339
Dr. Abou Jaoude Pauline Pediatrics Nephrology N/A
Dr. Abou Sleiman Mounir Ob-Gyn Ob-Gyn 5421
Dr. Abou Zeid Massoud Pediatrics Neonatology N/A
Dr. Ahdab Rechdi Medicine Neurology 5508
Dr. Ajjoub Sleiman Surgery Orthopedics 5321
Dr. Akl Adel Medicine Psychiatry 5421
Dr. Akoum Riad Medicine Hematology / Oncology 6422
Dr. Antonios Sobhi Ophthalmology Ophthalmology 5926
Dr. Aoun Bahous Sola Medicine Nephrology 6311

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