LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital

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The hospital’s main phone number is +961 1 200800

Name Department Specialty Phone Extension E-mail Address
Dr. Hayek Naji Surgery Plastic Surgery 5412
Dr. Hayek Tony Surgery / Pediatrics Orthopedics 5511
Dr. Helou Mariana Medicine Emergency Medicine 6043
Dr. Hirbli Kamal Medicine Endocrinology 5321
Dr. Hojaily Bernard Medicine Rheumatology 5421
Dr. Hubayter Ziad Ob-Gyn Infertility 5414
Dr. Husni (Samaha) Roula Medicine Infectious Diseases 6422
Dr. Irani Laure Medicine Rheumatology 6422
Dr. Issa-El-Khoury Gabriel Medicine Family Medicine 5412
Dr. Jabbour Elsy Medicine Emergency Medicine 6043
Dr. Jalbout Yara Anesthesia Anesthesia 5150
Dr. Jallad Karl Ob-Gyn Ob-Gyn 6311
Dr. Jaroudi Mahmoud Ophthalmology Ophthalmology N/A
Dr. Kabbani Samer Medicine Cardiology N/A
Dr. Kallassy Chady Medicine Vascular Medicine N/A
Dr. Kalouche Ibrahim Surgery Orthopedics 5321
Dr. Kamel Gaby Surgery Urology N/A
Dr. Kanaan Michel Surgery ENT 6422
Dr. Karam Albert Medicine Nephrology 5421/6422
Dr. Karam Maroun Diagnostic Imaging & Interventional Therapeutics Nuclear Medicine 6121

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