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Lebanon's First Optos Machine

Lebanon's First Optos Machine
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Monday, January 21, 2019
We are happy to be the first academic medical center in Lebanon to acquire the Optos California wide-field retinal imaging and angiography system. This system has several advantages over traditional retinal imaging systems, and allows for better detection and documentation of some retinal diseases, most importantly diabetic retinal disease. It is currently being used in the eye department at our medical center in collaboration with the endocrinology/internal medicine and family medicine departments to screen diabetic patients for the presence of retinal damage due to diabetes (called diabetic retinopathy). It allows our ophthalmologists to detect diabetic retinopathy even before the patients notice any eye symptoms related to diabetes. This allows for earlier intervention and treatment to prevent or minimize visual loss due to diabetes. This diabetic retinopathy screening program utilizing the Optos system is unique to our academic medical center in the country and is offered to patients with diabetes who seek our care. For all appointments with our ophthalmologists, please contact our eye clinic on 01.200800 extensions 5925 or 5926

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