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Cancer Awareness Village
Cancer Awareness Village
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Friday, February 8, 2019
In line with the World Cancer day and endorsing its role in spreading awareness, LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital participated in the Cancer Awareness Village that took place at the Forum de Beyrouth from February 8th till 10th 2019. In partnership with the Ministry of Public Health, Barbara Nassar Association hosted the First Cancer Awareness Village that aimed at bringing attention to prevention and early detection of cancer. LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital facilitated a workshop on Lymphoma cancer, its types, stages and treatment, led by Dr. Hady Ghanem, head of Hematology-Oncology department at LAU Medical center- Rizk Hospital. Dr. Ghanem’s presentation was followed by two testimonials from cancer survivors: Romario Abou Chedid, a member of the nursing staff at the medical center, and Michele Hajal, a previous patient at the medical center. “Cancer should no longer be a taboo that we avoid mentioning in public. In fact, cancer is a disease that patients should be ready to fight mentally and physically, together with the prescribed treatment”, said Dr. Ghanem. For three consecutive days, LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital was present at the allocated booth space. The medical staff supported the exhibition’s visitors with beneficiary tips on cancer prevention and answered all cancer-related questions.

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