LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital

Pre- Bidding OR Room 8

Dear Sir, LAUMC-RH is in the process of upgrading its main surgical suite and adding a new operating room. The project is fast track and has several critical objectives, including but not limited to, execution time and quality, minimal disruption of ongoing care-giving activities, as well as reduced noise and patient discomfort. The hospital management is considering the option of pre-fabricated modular construction, and would like to invite companies to submit and present their technical concept, execution strategy and methodology to guarantee the above critical objectives; as well as a preliminary budget estimation for a complete turn-key system solution as per the below general requirements. The drawings of OR 8 with all necessary dimensions are attached. Additional information may be requested. As time is highly important, the presentations are expected in two weeks from receipt of this email. Note that generic marketing presentations are not accepted. The intent is to present a project-specific solution to prove that the company has captured the specific requirements of LAUMC-RH (OR 8 project) and has tailored its solution to guarantee the successful implementation of the project. The main components of the proposed solution shall include the following:  Sub-Structure: The substructure system shall be ready for fast on-site installation. The substructure shall incorporate the necessary conduits, trays and other supporting platforms for all mechanical, electrical and IT / AV services, and shall support flexibility features to allow future enhancements and modifications  Wall Panel System: Two options shall be presented with advantages and disadvantages of each: Powder coated Stainless Steel and Tempered Safety Glass (or a combination of both). Thicknesses of panel layer and gypsum board layer shall be presented and discussed, in addition to other available options such as anti-microbial coating, color options, chemical resistance and cleaning features, acoustic properties, fire rating options, lighting and esthetics, etc.  Doors: To specify available types and options (motorized, hinged, sliding, etc.)  Ceiling System: Modular air tight sealed ceiling system to include ceiling tiles, LED lighting and diffusers as well as laminar air flow system / HEPA filters to produce the required ISO class 5 or better in accordance with ISO 14644-1  Floor system: the floor shall be part of the comprehensive turn-key project, and to comply with surgical workplace requirements such as electrostatic dissipative or conductive top finish  Exhaust panels and air intake modules: To be in full compliance with the HVAC design parameters  To specify the company’s method of interaction and coordination with other room systems (design and execution). Such room systems may include but not be limited to electrical and IPS systems, medical gases, HVAC systems (AHU, chillers, ductwork, filtration, etc.), medical equipment (surgical lights and pendants), fire alarm and fire stopping systems, central clock system, HIS / PACS monitors, A/V and operating room integration and video management systems, etc. NB: Deadline has been extended till April 30th, 2019. Thank you

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