LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital


Outstanding Staff Achievements
  Dr. Hussein Farhat, LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital Central Laboratory Director was appointed as the reference hemapathologist for the National Registry of Myelodysplasic Syndromes in Lebanon. In their effort to establish a national registry, a survey asked 66 Read More »
LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital Radiology Technician, Miss Joelle Tannous, who works in the Non-Invasive Cardiology Service, ranked first in Lebanon on the Lebanese examinations for Technical Licensure in Medical Imaging Techniques Read More »
Friday, October 31, 2014
“ This is to announce the opening of the new LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital psychiatry clinic under the directorship of Dr. Elias Rizkallah Abou Jaoude. We welcome referrals and consultations . Appointments can be made by calling our intake number at 01-200800 ext. 5903 or ext. 5836 . The Read More »

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