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Child Birth Education Program

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Child Birth Education Program
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Friday, July 31, 2015

In alignment with the mission, and vision of LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital nursing department, to provide patient and family centered care and excellence in the community, the maternity department announces the development of the Child Birth Education Program.

Child Birth Education Program, also called perinatal classes, offers the ideal opportunity to give you and your partner the knowledge and confidence to become new parents. Our program will help you understand the many changes that you may experience during pregnancy and prepare you for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

The program is Free of Charge and given by a professionally trained Midwife.

The program includes of six (6) sessions starting from the fourth month of pregnancy. The duration of each session is 90 minutes. A physiotherapist will provide the third session.




1st Session

Healthy Pregnancy

Effects of pregnancy , coping with body changes

Lifestyle / diet modifications

Small introduction on the pregnancy anatomy

2nd Session


Onset of Labor, what to expect, what to do

3rd Session

Protect your Back during/after Pregnancy

Causes of back pain, preventive approaches regarding posture, joint alignment, flexibility, and muscle strength

4th Session

The Delivery

Pushing techniques, delivery of placenta, episiotomy, newborn’s 1st care upon delivery

Cesarean delivery

5th Session

Baby Care

Breastfeeding + baby bath demonstration

Tour of the delivery suite

6th Session

Post-partum Care

Uterine contractions, Lochia, Care of Episiotomy

Contraception, emotional and psychological support



Couples are welcomed!


How can you register?

Call: +961 1 200 800 Ext: 5250


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