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The Ophthalmology department at the LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine and the Lebanese American University Medical Center-Rizk Hospital (LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital) has a rich history. It was one of the leading eye departments, if not the leading eye department, in the country including leading figures in ophthalmology among its physician members. Over the past years it has experienced some challenges and more recently, under the leadership of the new Dean of the School of Medicine and the new hospital administration, a plan for it to resume its historic leadership value, and even improve on it, has been put forth.

Message from the Chariman

Nicola G. Ghazi, MD
Professor and Chair of Ophthalmology
LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine and LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital

Dr. Ghazi joined the LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine faculty and the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital in January 2018 with the mission of building on the history of the department and the achievements of his predecessors. The plan for space and equipment renovation, as well as expert personnel recruitment is under way, with a target and vision of building a leading multispecialty ophthalmology department, both nationally and internationally. The core value for the success of our mission is excellence in patient-centered care.

Currently the ophthalmology team consists of optometrists, orthoptists, nurses and administrative assistants as well as ophthalmologists who are subspecialists in the various fields of ophthalmology. The subspecialists are experts in their fields and offer world-class care for our patients. The team works as a single unit whereby expertise from various team members is solicited when needed to deliver the best expert care that our patients deserve. This allows for exchange of ideas, case discussions, and patient referrals among colleagues to guarantee that a particular patient receives the best care possible from experts in the field. This can prove very rewarding to patients and their families especially in rare or complicated eye conditions that may require unusual management or surgical procedures.

In addition, being part of a university hospital, our department has an active residency training program whereby new physicians are being prepared to become our future eye doctors. Residents are our ambassadors to other areas of the country and the world. We take pride in the quality of training we deliver to our residents and we feel privileged to be taking part in building the future of our country.

Thank you for visiting our web page. We hope it will provide you with the information you need whether you are a patient or an applicant interested in our residency training program. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information you may need.

Dr. Sobhi Antonios
Dr. Jamal Bleik
Chairman Emeritus
Dr. Ibrahim Dounya
Dr. Nicola Ghazi
Chair of the Department
LAU Gilbert & Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine
Dr. Walid Haddad
Dr. Mahmoud Jaroudi
Dr. André Koniski
Dr. Riad Maalouf
Dr. Georges Mollayess
Dr. Ama Sadaka
Residency Program Director
Dr. Ameed Samaha
Dr. Karim Tomey
Unique & Exclusive Services

Wide field retinal imaging

This new imaging technology is available only in our medical center and not anywhere else in the country. The technology allows for imaging the entire retina in one image and in seconds. It helps improve detection and documentation of retinal diseases such as diabetic retinal disease, inflammatory eye disease and retinal cancers.

Retinal rejuvenation therapy

This new laser technology will only be available in our medical center and not anywhere else in the country or the Middle East. It allows for retinal remodeling and in regenerating specific retinal cells. It is applicable for various retinal diseases, especially macular degeneration and diabetic macular edema. In macular degeneration, this laser technology may prevent progression of the disease to more advanced blinding stages, which in turn not only saves vision, but also may help patients avoid the potential need for more intensive, costly and risky treatment with intraocular injections later on.

The Ophthalmology residency is a three-year clinical training program. The residency program director is Dr. Ama Sadaka. We offer 1 residency position yearly for a total of 3 residents in the program at any one time. These positions are open to graduates of accredited medical schools who have completed at least one year of postgraduate medical training. The residency training takes place at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital mainly, where residents rotate in different subspecialties and run their own outpatient continuity clinics. In addition, they cover the emergency room, operating room and inpatient service at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital. They also rotate at Clemenceau Medical Center and at Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation.

Our residents are provided with comprehensive and surgical training, whether they wish to purse a subspecialty fellowship, join a private practice or pursue an academic career. Our residents, given progressive and graded responsibility, are offered opportunities to develop the requisite skills to become outstanding ophthalmologists.

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Medical Students
We offer electives for third and fourth year medical students from different medical schools. LAU medical students rotate in our department for 2 weeks during their fourth year of training. During their rotation, students are exposed to general and sub-specialty ophthalmology. Students will be taught essential ophthalmic examination techniques, participate in patient examinations, and observe ophthalmic surgery.

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