LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital


The hospital’s main phone number is +961 1 200800

Name Department Specialty Extension E-mail Address
Dr. El Nawar Rody Medicine Neurology 6312
Dr. Fakhoury Robert Medicine Interventional Cardiology N/A
Dr. Farah Roula Pediatrics Hematology / Oncology N/A
Dr. Fares Jocelyne Medicine Endocrinology 5511
Dr. Farhat Hussein Laboratory Medicine, Pathology and Forensic Medicine N/A 6015
Dr. Farra Anna Medicine Infectious Diseases 6312
Dr. Ferzli Antoine Medicine Gastroenterology 5421
Dr. Ferzli (Rami) Julie Diagnostic Imaging & Interventional Therapeutics Radiology 5070
Dr. Fleifel Siham Laboratory Medicine, Pathology and Forensic Medicine Pathology 5974
Dr. Francis Zelia Medicine Endocrinology 5511
Dr. Gemayel Pierre Surgery Orthopedics N/A
Dr. Genadry Nouhad Medicine Family Medicine N/A
Dr. Gerges Bassam Anesthesia Anesthesia 5151
Dr. Ghanem Elias Medicine Interventional Cardiology N/A N/A
Dr. Ghanem Georges Medicine Interventional Cardiology 5412
Dr. Ghanem Hady Medicine Hematology / Oncology 5414
Dr. Ghaoui Albert Medicine Gastroenterology N/A
Dr. Ghazi Nicola Ophthalmology Ophthalmology 5925/5926
Dr. Ghorayeb Zaki Surgery / Pediatrics Pediatric Surgery N/A
Dr. Ghossein Antoine Surgery General Surgery N/A

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