LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital


The hospital’s main phone number is +961 1 200800

Name Department Specialty Extension E-mail Address
Dr. Rustom Majd Medicine Gastroenterology N/A
Dr. Saade Michel Medicine Hematology / Oncology 6422
Dr. Saade Carlos Surgery Vascular Surgery N/A
Dr. Saade Rami Surgery ENT 5508
Dr. Saba (Samaha) Zeina Ob-Gyn Ob-Gyn 6311
Dr. Sabbagh Sandra Pediatrics Pediatrics - Neurology 5126
Dr. Sabri Alain N/A ENT 5508
Dr. Sadaka Ama Ophthalmology Ophthalmology 5925
Dr. Safadi Bassem Surgery General Surgery 5514
Dr. Saikali Ibrahim Surgery Neurosurgery 5412
Dr. Sakr Rania Medicine Family Medicine 5421
Dr. Salame Elias Medicine Cardiology N/A
Dr. Salameh Wael Medicine Psychiatry N/A
Dr. Samaha Michel Ob-Gyn Ob-Gyn 6311
Dr. Samaha Camille Surgery Orthopedics N/A
Dr. Samaha Aamid Ophthalmology Ophthalmology 5925
Dr. Sayad Alain Pediatrics Pediatrics (Gastroenterology) 5126
Dr. Serhal Wassim Laboratory Medicine, Pathology and Forensic Medicine N/A 6010
Dr. Serhal Samer Surgery ENT N/A
Dr. Sfeir (Abde Samad) Zeina Pediatrics Pediatrics N/A

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